PROGENES: Automated Mathematical Problem Solving

Progenes (Proof Generator Expert System) is a knowledge-based system that solves problems in Differential Calculus, Analytic Geometry and elementary Mechanics, of the kind that students learn to solve in a first-year college course. Progenes combines reasoning about declarative knowledge (definitions and theorems) with the direct application of compiled procedural knowledge (methods and step-by-step solving recipes). To guide the search for solutions, the system uses heuristics and metaknowledge inspired in human problem-domain expertise, to reason about the solving process itself. Progenes has been conceived to be easily amenable to an interactive tutoring environment. The mechanisms and the information used are of the kind that a student has to assimilate, producing easy to understand solutions. The system includes a natural language processing module as well, so that the problems are solved starting from the statement in Spanish.

Fund: CICyT during years 1991-94 (TIC90-0352)

Principal Investigator: Roberto Moriyón

Project members:
  • Pilar Rodríguez
  • María José Tobar
  • Julia Díaz
  • Francisco Saiz
  • Javier Contreras
  • Pablo Castells
  • Julio Gonzalo