GUIDE - GUÍa De Especificación para el desarrollo por el usuario final

The rise and improvement of ICT have recently motivated a great deal of users taking an active role in computation, building and customizing software artefacts. This has led new paradigms to emerge, such as the so-called End User Development (EUD), which seeks to transform end-users into programmers or designers of software projects, something that is in conflict with the main competences of computer engineers, causing in turn a significant socio-economic impact and the rising of risk factors. The main aim of this project is to consolidate a research team comprising Software Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction specialists. The objective is to assist the user in much more complex tasks of software customization, rather than provoking that any user ends up carrying out programming and project management activities in some way.

Co-funded by DGUI Comunidad de Madrid and the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Convocatoria de Ayudas a Proyectos para la Creación y Consolidación de Grupos de Investigación de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. The principal investigator of this project is José A. Macías, and other 4 members of the GHIA group participate in the project.

Fund: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and DGUI Comunidad de Madrid, project CCG10‐UAM/TIC‐5772, 2011-2012

Principal Investigator: José A. Macías

Project members: José A. Macías, Silvia T. Acuña, Roberto Moriyón, Juan de Lara, Miguel A. Mora