eMadrid: Investigación y Desarrollo de Tecnologías para el e-Learning en la Comunidad de Madrid

Coordinated project between the 6 public Universities of Madrid, funded by the Community of Madrid proj. num. S2009/TIC-1650 (programme for R+D activities between groups of the region), where the GHIA group works in the wokpackages devoted to Modelling and Adaptativity. The principal investigator of this project (for the UAM node) is Juan de Lara and 22 members of the GHIA group participate in the project.

Link: http://www.emadridnet.org/

Fund: Comunidad de Madrid, project S2009/TIC-1650, 2010-2013

Principal Investigator: Carlos Delgado

UAM Principal Investigator: Juan de Lara