Arcadia: Automatic Knowledge Organization, Data Analysis and Dynamic Document Generation in the Semantic Web

The ARCADIA project aims at the development of integrated knowledge management tools and techniques for communities of users in the web, that support a) the semi-automatic organization of knowledge based on collaborative participation mechanisms, b) a high degree of freedom to define the structure to be used for the representation of knowledge, c) personalized retrieval and visualization of knowledge by means of the automatic generation of documents adapted to user needs and other runtime conditions, and d) the automatic recognition of users’ identity and characteristics, based on biometric analysis and data mining techniques. The different modules of the environment to be developed will communicate with each other through a shared ontology that captures the concepts and categories by which the knowledge of a given domain is described. The project follows the Semantic Web perspective, which proposes a better organized and structured World Wide Web, by means of the introduction of explicit semantic knowledge about available resources in the web, to facilitate resource discovery, sharing and integration. The research proposed here starts from previously developed tools and results reached by our research team, which has a wide experience in the areas involved in this proposal. The techniques to be developed in the current project will be validated with the development of a corporate knowledge management application for the institution to which our team belongs.

Fund: Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología, project TIC2002-01948, 2002-2005

Principal Investigator: Manuel Alfonseca

Project members: