HiGraf: Interactive Tools for the Graphic Specification of Context-Sensitive User Interfaces

The HIGraf project is concerned with the development of tools and methodologies that facilitate the construction of highly interactive software. HIGraf aims at making the construction of interactive applications easier for a larger audience than current development tools allow for. The project has been conducted along two major directions: modeling dynamic user interface presentations by example, and designing software tutoring systems based on user task models. In the first part, we have built a GUI development tool, HandsOn, for the interactive construction, without using a textual language, of highly dynamic interface presentations from examples created by the designer. The second part has been devoted to the construction of an authoring tool, CACTUS, for interactive application training courses. CACTUS allows for the direct and automatic tracking of the student's activity during the execution of the courses, creating scenarios for practical training, and continuously evaluating the student. The common basis to both parts of the project is the exploitation, improvement and integration of two technologies: the model-based paradigm, and programming by example.

Fund: CICyT during years 1996-99 (TIC96-0723-C02-02)

Principal Investigator: Roberto Moriyón

Project members:
  • Pablo Castells
  • Federico García