OOPI: Object-Oriented Program Interface

The first objective of the OOPI project was the construction of a development environment for object-oriented software based on the C language. The first version of the system was built as a program library containing a message interpeter based on the prototype-element paradigm, plus a set of predefined classes to make easier the construction of user interfaces. In the second phase of the project, this library was used to program an application development environment, including a specially designed object-oriented language (OOL) to build extensible applications. The first phase consists of the development of a CORBA compatible distributed version of OOPI. The OOPI system has been adapted to several compilers and generates applications for operating systems such as DOS, WINDOWS, OS/2 ans AIX/6000. This environment has been used to build six software products announced by LAB2000, IBM and other firms.

Fund: IBM España and CDTI during years 1991-94, and by LAB2000 (currently INSA) during years 1995-96

Project members: