HIT: Task-Based Interactive Tools

The research project HIT (Herramienta Interactiva basada en Tareas) is aimed to the creation of tools that make it easier to build applications where the program and the end user interact in such a way that (1) the program is able to follow the user's actions and modify its behavior as a function of those actions, by means of the definition and implementation of task models, and (2) the management of these interactions is integrated in a natural way with two user interface design tools, Amulet and Mastermind, from CMU and USC/ISI, that have been extended to facilitate the generation and manipulation of 3D graphics. In this project a simulation tool has been developed as well, that facilitates the integration of continuous system models in advanced interactive applications of different kinds. The introduced elements and tools have been used in two applications: a tutor for users of specific software programs, constructed in the HIGraf project, and a collection of four tutoring applications in the Internet, in collaboration with the Interedu project, which use applets based on continuous digital simulation models.

Link: HIT Project
Fund: CICyT during years 1996-99 (TIC96-0723-C02-01)

Principal Investigator: Manuel Alfonseca

Project members:
  • Francisco Saiz
  • Javier Contreras
  • Ricardo Orosco