LOGAP: Object Library for Public Administration 
The goal of the Logap project is the construction of a reusable library of business objects, especially fit for its use in decentralized environments with a high degree of autonomy, as are the diverse departments that make up the public administration in Spain. The system includes a library of objects for the management and negotiation of trading and financial aspects, including a module for the specification and solution of this kind of problems. A basic framework has been developed that includes all the functionality needed for the kind of problems that are meant to be solved, and a specific language has been defined for communicating messages between agents involved in negotiation or financial problem solving processes. 
Funded by Informática El Corte Inglés S.A. and CDTI during years 1996-99. 
Project Members: Manuel AlfonsecaRoberto MoriyónFederico García, Miguel Angel Mora, Javier Contreras, Francisco SaizPablo CastellsPilar RodríguezEstrella Pulido,Xavier Alamán