Interedu: Internet in Education 
The main goal of this project is the development of tools and methodologies to promote the use of Internet for educational purposes. The project includes the implementation of a course which will prove the effectiveness of the tools and methodologies developed. As part of this project, a system for adaptive Web-based learning called TANGOW has been built. This system is used for implementing courses which are accessible through Internet by using any standard browser. Courses are structured into teaching tasks and rules, which are stored in databases and used by TANGOW to guide students in their learning process.
Funded by CICyT during years 1997-2000 (TEL97-0306). 
Principal Investigator: Juan Alberto Sigüenza 
Project Members: Manuel AlfonsecaRosa María Carro, Lázaro Cobiella, Antonio MartínezRoberto MoriyónEstrella PulidoPilar Rodríguez