ENCITEC: An Environment to build advanced Internet courses in Science and Technology
The goal of the ENCITEC project is the creation of an environment to assist in the development of advanced courses on scientific and technologic topics in the Internet. The courses will make extended use of advanced tools, such as simulation, numeric calculus and symbolic computation. The environment will provide a user interface to build the courses and for student interaction, an authoring tool, a task controller to drive the interactions between the student and the programs, and a monitoring system to allow the teacher to visualize the student activities in real time. The environment will be validated by means of real courses selected among the following: a course on advanced Mathematics, a course on elementary Physics, a Technology course based on the simulation of an energy transductor, and a course to teach chess.
Funded by  CICyT during 1999-2002 (TEL1999-0181). 
Principal Investigator: Manuel Alfonseca 
Project Members: Roberto MoriyónPilar RodríguezFrancisco SaizPablo CastellsEstrella PulidoAntonio MartínezAlfonso OrtegaFernando Díez