The GHIA Group for Advanced Interactive Tools is focused on the development of new technologies for interactive software. We are concerned by the diverse aspects involved in the way people work, interact with each other, and learn, in order to conceive new methodologies, models and tools that support human activity in this context. Our main research fields include human-computer interaction, educative applications, cooperative work support systems, user interfaces development, continuous simulation, and software engineering, among others.

Our research activity has been conducted in the context of diverse research projects funded by public institutions. Out team has established collaboration links with research groups in other centres, like the Information Science Institute of the University of Southern California, the Laforia Laboratory at the Paris VI University, The ISISTAN Institute of the University of Buenos Aires, the Multimedia Applications Group at the Munich University and the ISTI-CNR in Pisa, Italy.

The group is also involved in providing professional advice for companies and institutions that need to incorporate advanced information processing techniques, and in the development of R+D projects that require using these techniques. In this respect we promote the direct involvement of companies with our centre, its faculty and students, fostering collaboration and mutual stimulus between both environments.

The GHIA group is an interdisciplinary team of faculty and PhD students, with backgrounds in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics, among other disciplines, coming from diverse professional environments, including both academic and business sectors.

The group's main research areas are related, but not limited, to:

- Human-Computer Interaction
- Evolutionary and Bio-inspired Computation
- E-Learning and Educational Systems
- Adaptive Hypermedia and User Modelling
- Simulation and Modelling
- Intelligent Environments and Ambient Intelligence
- Collaborative Systems and Social Networks
- Machine Learning
- Software Engineering
- Semantic Web